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Remembering the Good Times

Growing up, I was blessed with some great friends, as I'm sure many of you had as well. As we all know, time goes by, and with time passing people tend to slip in and out of our lives. However, it is a true blessing when some of those friendships continue. I have been blessed with a few of those friendships, and when we have the opportunity to spend time together we always tend to reflect on the times gone past. Many times, that leads to laughter, sometimes it leads to sorrow, but looking at my friends, I am always encouraged because they have been there with me through the ups and downs.

This week, as I am sitting at my desk preparing Holy Week messages, I have no choice, but to slip into a time of reflection of what the Lord has done for me (truly for us all). As I think about those events that unfolded in Jerusalem all those years ago, I cannot help but observe how they have changed the world and myself. Jesus laid it all on the line to rescue me from sin and darkness and invite me into a friendship that surpasses all other friendships.

I want to encourage all of you to set aside time to truly reflect on how the Lord has been by your side through the good times and bad. He has been with you to experience times of laughter, times of sorrow, and times of joy. Remember all of those things, and be encouraged by all the ways He is going to remain faithful to you in the future. Jesus truly is the greatest friend you could possibly know.

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